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For quite some time, I have felt compelled to start a blog, even though writing things for a public forum freaks me out.  I love boundaries and I'm really great at setting them, but now I'm letting all ya'll in my space! I’ll look past that for right now - because if you know me, you know that I am downright obsessed with mental strength and understanding why we think, do, or say what we do!


In my life, I’ve tried several types of counseling, and my life has taught me more than I thought I needed to know!  I have a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with you - I am not a licensed therapist, and this blog will be my opinions and my experiences - but I think they'll help you.  I’ll share resources that I’ve used during certain life events, and I trust that they’ll help you too.


I'd also love to connect with you if there is something in particular you're struggling with and you're trying to figure out how to process it or what your next step should be. Use the "message me" page to get in touch!


I can't wait to be on this journey with you guys, and I pray that I can help those that come to this website!  Don't forget to "subscribe" so you're notified when I post something.  Or you could come here every day to look for something new, but I mean, who is really going to do that? Other than my Mom or my husband, I would say no one!  :) ha!


Ok, bye for now!

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