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A blog? Are you serious?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Dear Friend, hi! I’m excited you’re here, and I wanted to tell you why I’m here.

I’m Laura Schwartzkopf - I an in my mid-30s and I live in Virginia with my husband. I have learned A LOT through different life experiences and I wanted to create a space where I could share some of that with you - especially the moments that I wish someone would’ve taught me sooner. I know that “experience is the best teacher,” - but I have always loved learning from those who are older and wiser than me.

I have lost several family members and loved ones: all 4 grandparents, a “little sister” from my neighborhood, my favorite uncle (who was more like a second dad), and my dad. Through this, I’ve learned the importance of telling people what you think, when you think it, in truth, grace, and love of course. I’ve also learned how to grieve - and once you learn this skill, life gets a whole lot easier. I'll teach you.

I love change. I have moved a million times. When I can’t move my entire life, I move furniture inside of my house to make me feel like it’s different. (ha, it's true!) I change my hair style at least once a year. I love doing my nails because I can change the color / design every 2 weeks. I love change, and I tend to navigate it very well. Especially when the change is of my choice. When the change is someone else’s idea, I’m not always an “early adopter,” but I do my best to embrace it and get on board. I'll help you.

Most of all, I love growing. I love learning about myself and other people, why we do what we do, and what we aren’t saying. I of course believe that everyone should be like this, but I have learned that not all people are - and that’s ok :). But, this is why I started my first blog - to find others like me, and to teach you what I’ve learned and help you apply it to your life. What you’ll find on my blog is resources (books, quotes, sermons, other blogs, articles, movies, etc.) that have touched my life and helped me grow in one way or another. You’ll hear about experiences in my life and how I persevered through them, and how you can navigate some of the tough stuff in yours too.

I see you - you’re strong and independent yet vulnerable to those you love the most. You’re looking for more. You’re hungry for something to help you deal. You’re here to find hope and healing. I see you, and I can help.

Check back often for new articles. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this image. Hurricanes have powerful winds (ranging from 75 to 156 mph) and heavy rain. The roots of palm trees give them a strong foundation to withstand such force. I want you to have roots like a palm tree, so when a storm come your way, you can not only withstand it, but come out better and stronger.

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